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I am currently accepting new clients for therapy, coaching and consultant services.


Please contact me for current rates


Sliding Scale:

  • I have limited spots and only offer a sliding scale for those available for weekly sessions

  • If you no show or cancel outside of the 24 hour window you will be charged the full fee regardless of being at a discounted rate 


I am an out of network provider and can provide you a superbill for individual therapy sessions. A superbill is similar to an invoice that you submit to your insurance provider and depending on your coverage you may be able to receive reimbursement for the cost of session.



​Sessions take place at my office in Encino on a weekly basis. I am able to provide more sessions per week if needed. Because I see individual, couples, and family therapy as a commitment to yourself, I do not schedule 1x/month therapy sessions. Depending on my availability and your situation I may be able to offer therapy bi-weekly. 

Online sessions

Due to license restrictions, I am only able to provide online therapy sessions (individual, couples, and family) to those located in California. I have no location limitations for providing online coaching. 

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