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  • I am supportive, understanding, validating, open-minded, flexible, non-judgemental, kind, empowering, compassionate, hopeful, encouraging, and humorous

  • I am sex and body positive

  • I am LGBTQ+ affirming

  • I look to you as the expert of your situation and will collaborate with you in developing goals that work for you

  • I can help you gain insight through psychoeducation and different tools to help you understand how past painful experiences have led to negative behaviors in the present

  • I can assist you in practicing ways to improve communicating with others, approach problems, and self soothe

  • I use different modalities in order to fit your way of understanding information

  • I provide an open space for conversation and welcome feedback so I can better fit your needs during our time together



I have experience in treating issues related to excessive worrying, panic attacks, phobias and avoidance of situations that bring on fear, difficulty concentrating, sleep disturbances, muscle tension, stress reduction, and situational anxiety.



I have experience in treating issues related to traumatic events such as accidents, death, abuse, childhood trauma, incarceration, changes in mood, difficulty trusting others, negative views of self, hyper-vigilance, sleep disturbances, isolating from others, reckless and impulsive behaviors, and dissociating from the present.


Relationship Issues:

I have experience in treating issues related to codependency, fears of intimacy, avoidance of intimacy, non-monogamy, domestic abuse, pattern of abusive relationships, infidelity, separation and divorce, LGBTQ+ couples, and family issues.



I have experience in treating issues related to substance, food, sex, gambling, and love addiction as well as chronic relapse, adjusting to sobriety, relapse prevention, and harm reduction.



I have experience in treating issues related to homophobia, internalized homophobia, coming out, discrimination, family and cultural issues, and relationships.


Other issues I can help you with:

Crisis management and suicide, depression, grief and loss, obsessive and compulsive behaviors, narcissistic and borderline traits, conduct behaviors and incarceration.


I have worked in the mental health field since 2010, and have always had a curiosity for human development and how our experiences shape us into who we are today. I received my bachelor's in psychology at UCLA and received my master's in clinical psychology with a concentration in mindfulness-based stress reduction at Phillips Graduate University.


Before starting my private practice in 2017 I provided crisis intervention and support for sexual assault and domestic violence victims, as well as providing group and individual therapy for outpatient and residential substance abuse treatment centers, underserved and at-risk youth, and incarcerated youth. I also worked on utilization review and supervising documentation for a DMH contracted agency.


Currently, I find myself working with those in the creative field and have enjoyed the creative process that unfolds in sessions. I enjoy providing consultation and supervision to marriage and family therapists as well as social workers. 


As a fellow human on this journey, I too understand what it is like to experience traumas, shame, grief, sadness, pain, anger, fear, as well as joy, hope, inspiration, gratitude, compassion, excitement, and love.


Outside of providing therapy, I enjoy running and spinning, cooking, reading, film and TV, concerts, creative projects, and traveling.

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